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WAMI is a new way to shop

Now YOU can help decide what the next fashion trends will be. Check out one of our tournaments to vote on, and purchase your favorite designs.

You can also head over to the shop to see all the latest swag and find the styles that fit you best.

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Voting in Tournaments

Passing judgment on other people's creativity is now easier than ever!

Tap the heart iconon ones you like, tap the x iconon ones you'd like to forget. The designs with the most likes win and will be available in our store when the tournament ends.

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See something you love?

Don't wait around hoping your favorite designs win. Click the FOMObutton while voting and get it shipped to you right away, no matter what!

FOMO Shop purchases also add 3 Likes to the design, increasing it's chance of winning. This is a great way to support your favorite independent artists!

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Get noticed and start earning

Are you an artist? Enter your creations for the world to see. You could win the top prize and you'll earn 20% on every sale, even if you don't win!

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100% Free to use

Browse our store, up-vote designs or submit your own artwork. There's no cost to join the fun!

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