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Who are we?

WAMI follows a simple philosophy: to devote our talents and technology to creating a superior user experience. Sure, we deal in custom printed apparel, but our top priority is minimizing your stress and cognitive load. We value your time as a nonrenewable resource and are committed to revolutionizing how you do business.

Our core platform offers you and other artists, small businesses, schools, and organizations the ability to effortlessly sell customized swag online. Say goodbye to inventory, overhead, order forms, pop-ups, wait times, disgruntled printers, unhappy customers, and everything in between; WAMI does it all. But that's only the beginning.

This group of Chicagoland natives doesn't just peddle cotton. We leverage over 30 years of proficiency in customer engagement, digital design, and engineering wizardry to create proprietary solutions from the ground up. Each team member is an absolute badass in their field and they love what they do. We never stop tinkering to enhance your online experience and streamline the way you interact with our platform.

There are countless options out there for your swag — each claiming fancier products, lower prices and bigger bankrolls. The honest truth though; we all have access to the same products, we all pay the same base costs, and with most companies, you're on your own to make it a success.

You deserve a better experience, and we're here to help.

WAMI is an acronym for “we all make it” — a mantra our co-founders embraced when starting the company. We're all in this together; we make the tech, you make the swag, we all earn an honest buck while making positive impacts in our communities and in our lives. Our journey is defined by the success stories we create, so consider WAMI an extension of your own team…

It'll be like we work down the hall, only we won't drink your coffee.

The WAMI Team,
We look forward to being a part of your success!