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Real people that love us!

  • "The shirts look great, and so cool that we are supporting local artists!"
    - Charlee
  • "Arrived faster than expected. Great quality too. These guys ROCK!"
    - Kyle
  • "What a fun way to support artists and create your own style. The shirt is really comfy too."
    - Jenny
  • Artist
    "WAMI swag is an amazing way for artists to challenge themselves, create, and make designs they want to see in the world! The process is simple, the products come out looking great, and the commission is an awesome way to support artists. I love being a part of the WAMI Swag community."
    - Eric / @bebikdesign
  • Artist
    "Love this shirt! It is comfy, fits well, print quality is great, and all for a great price too! It shipped out super fast (I was genuinely shocked at how fast it actually arrived!) Not really much more I could have asked for!"
    - Geoff / @Transformingegg
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