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Pass guilt-free judgement on complete strangers! It's a lot of fun and you might find your next favorite style!

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Previous Winner

T-Rex Fusion

by teesgeex

The one on the left fused with a raptor back in 2015, becoming (r)EX Indominus. Not sure what they were going for this time…but they're adorable.

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Nerd Life
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Nerd Life

You didn’t choose the nerd life, the nerd life chose you. Video games for hours, cosplay on the weekends, DND till the break of dawn. Show that icosahedron who the real master is by serving up a critical “hit” in this nerdy challenge. You are strong. You are proud. You are a total nerd…and we LOVE it!
$200 Prize

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We Hungry
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We Hungry

We love food. We also wonder what it does when nobody’s looking. Make us giggle, make us drool, give us designs good enough to eat. Bonus points for anthropomorphism… and trust us, you want bonus points.
$200 Prize

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